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You know we know business. You’ve trusted the Indianapolis Business Journal and the Indiana Lawyer to keep you informed for nearly 30 years. IBJ Custom Publishing puts that knowledge to work for you by designing and printing your communication materials.



Clients rely on us for expert design and print advice to produce the highest quality print materials and Web products. Our team members will listen to your needs and strive to find the perfect solution for you. We will develop a plan to organize and manage your project to deliver it on time and on budget.


Designing and producing the highest-quality materials is at the heart of our expertise. From concept to finished product, our creative team of professional, award-winning designers creates some of the most extraordinary work seen in the market today, including, but not limited to:

• Annual Reports
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Directories
• Event Materials
• Identity Development (including logos)
• Invitations
• Magazines
• Marketing Collateral
• Newsletters
• Trade Publications


We can quickly turn your printed piece into an electronic version of itself with real-time interaction and life-like page turning. Now anyone can view your work like they have it in front of them. All they have to do is open the document on your Web site, click the top corner and watch the pages turn. They can also magnify pages, do a word search, skip to a specific section and much more.

Six ways Interactive Editions can help your business:

1. Get to Market Faster: Interactive Editions can turn your printed piece into a Web presence in a matter of days.
2. Increase Advertising Sales: Interactive Editions online package allows your advertisers to have a live link in their ad to strategically drive traffic to their site. Direct link and click-through technology allows your clients to measure the direct impact of advertising with your publications.
3. Save Printing and Postage Costs: Offering online publications as an alternative to print can drastically reduce your printing costs, while maintaining the look and readability of any printed piece.
4. Exact Digital Replication: Simply supply a PDF file with the specifications we provide. Your file is then processed generating an exact digital reproduction of your printed piece.
5. Searchable: Powerful search tools allow you to search anything in your document — including content in ads. All text is recognized and entered into the search engine database. This is a great tool for finding what you need quickly and easily. It is also a very effective solution for individuals doing online research.
6. Archive Back Issues: Interactive Editions can create digital archives of your older printed publications. Make your entire archives digitally accessible to anyone in the world.


Working with IBJ Custom Publishing, you'll develop a strong working relationship with professionals who share a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas of custom and book publishing.



Bear Chase Golf Club:
Showcase the beauty of your course and facilities to event planners, corporations and potential members with a Golf Course Custom Presentation Folder designed and printed by IBJ Custom Publishing. 

This Bear Chase Golf Club folder is tailored to the specific highlights of this spectacular course. It is perfect for corporate recipients, CEOs and marketing directors as a contact tool to help you book your facility as a venue for events and outings.

This one-of-a-kind piece for Celadon showcases its reputation for being an industry leader in safety, technology, service and security.

Stair-step cards for information interchanged

As one of the top truckload carriers in North America and publicly traded on NASDAQ, Celadon entrusted IBJ Custom Publishing to produce this collateral material, which reflects its commitment to quality and leadership. The brochure features stair-stepped, pull-out card for easy access; and a subsequent version was translated to Spanish.

Community Hospitals Foundation:
As part of the Community Health Network, Community Hospitals Foundation supports the exceptional and compassionate care provided at network sites throughout Central Indiana.

This IBJ Custom Publishing-produced piece touchingly highlights how people have been affected by the exceptional care they received from Community Health Network.

Kirsh & Kirsh:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this high-end brochure mindful of the attorneys’ mission of setting the standard of excellence in the field of adoption by delivering the highest quality legal counsel in the most caring, compassionate manner, while relentlessly pursuing client satisfaction.



Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this alumni magazine and dean’s report for the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis.  It highlights schools accomplishments and accolades past, present and future.

Indiana Judicial Service Report:
This four-volume report reflects a comprehensive inventory of the work and finances of every Indiana court during 2006. IBJ Custom Publishing produced over 1,500 pages in addition to CD-ROMs for the State of Indiana Division of State Court Administration.

Day Nursery Annual Report:
Day Nursery is dedicated to helping families raise strong and healthy children by forming partnerships. IBJ Custom Publishing created this annual report to reflect the impact Day Nursery makes on the world of young children in central Indiana every day of the year.


Marc Adams School of Woodworking:
IBJ Custom Publishing created this catalog commemorating 15 years of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. The school is committed to fine woodworking excellence through hands-on learning experiences with the best wood workers of modern time.

Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this official program for the Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity. The organization celebrated 10 years of dedication to diversity with a gala at the Indiana Historical Society.

Indiana Pharmacist:
IBJ Custom Publishing produces the Indiana Pharmacist every quarter as the official journal of the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance.

Cultural Gift Store:
In a partnership with several Central Indiana cultural organizations, IBJ Custom Publishing produced this Cultural Gift Store catalog along with the INculture.org Web site.

In a partnership with the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, IBJ Custom Publishing annually produces this guide for high school juniors and seniors. This magazine is designed to spell out what students need to prepare for life after high school.

In a partnership with the Indiana Commission for High Education and the Indiana Economic Development Corp., IBJ Custom Publishing annually produces this resource guide for students graduating from college. It contains information about job opportunities in Indiana and life after college.

Indiana’s Constitution in a Nation of Constitutions:
Written by Patrick Baude, professor of law and public service at Indiana University, as part of the Indiana Supreme Court Legal History Series, IBJ Custom Publishing produced this interesting account about the framing of Indiana’s constitution.

Book Publishing

Ahead of the Game:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this 236-page book by Ken Ungar about what every athlete needs to know about sports business.

Grave Disorder:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this 358-page book by Charlotte de ne Guerre about the gothic tale of Claire Foster, spanning a period of myth and mystery over 20 years.

Cultivating the Strategic Mind:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this 224-page book by Blake Leath, Ph.D., about how people can grow from leader to visionary, creator and architect of strategy.

Winners cookbook:
IBJ Custom Publishing produced this 332-page cookbook for the Junior League of Indianapolis, highlighting only the very best, blue-ribbon quality recipes of the 3,500 that were submitted.

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